AdSense Applications Are Manually Reviewed By Google

Google Adsense review manual review 

Most people often make this mistake by thinking that Adsense is reviewed by Google Bots. But it is not.  Your Adsense account will be viewed by a Google employee who will later decide if your website complies with Google Adsense Policy.

The application process is not an algorithmic review, so there is no way you can fool Google with some wrongful or shady doing. An actual Google employee is going to visit your site, click around, and read your content. Make sure you have some good content that they find useful.

Don’t make this mistake by thinking that only following all the Google guidelines your website will be approved for Google Adsense. Although it is a very important point in getting your Adsense approved but not the only requirement.

So even if you have everything outlined in their requirements list there are chances that your Adsense account might not get approved because of some other factors. To pass the manual review process, your site has to be of high quality.

how to contact Adsense to get Adsense approved 2021

2. Have Useful Contents


Don’t copy-paste items from other websites and expect to get approved for Adsense. This is one of the main reasons your website might get rejected by AdSense. People often try to get their Adsense approved by spinning articles from other websites.

Copying articles from another website might get your website penalized and you won’t be able to apply for Adsense again. It also might get your website blacklisted by google search engine. Once a website is blacklisted it is very difficult to appear on Google search results.

Having some good useful content makes your way much easier to get approved for Google Adsense. Try to keep your content unique and resourceful. It is better to have 5 unique articles rather than 50 spun articles. Try to provide your audience with an Insight.

3. Make Sure Your Website Is User Friendly


This is something that Google takes very seriously. Your website needs to be easy to navigate and go through. Try to make it easy for the users so they can find what they want easily. Don’t make it a spammy website with just clickbait titles and very little information.

Make sure your website is responsive and serves well on all devices. Google gives more priority to websites that serve on both mobile and computer devices.

Your website loading time is also a big factor. Google tends to avoid websites that are very slow. Even if you have very good contents your user won’t wait 5 seconds to see it. They will just click on the next website. This is why Google prefers websites that have a faster loading time.

4. Choose a Niche


It is important that you keep your content relevant. This is one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make. They try to write about everything. If you’re submitting a site with less than 100 pages, stick to one topic, and provide value for one specific audience.

Make sure you have as many good articles as possible. Choosing a niche is very important in the beginning.

Many websites are rejected because they try to write about anything and everything. make sure to have enough content before you decide to write about another category. Writing about different content without enough posts makes the website clustered. So try to keep your topic narrow unless you have more than 100 posts.

5. Wait At Least a Month

Most website owners try to rush and apply for Adsense without having everything outlined in the requirement list. Just like I’ve said before there are over 547200 websites created every day. Google doesn’t index all of those websites as most of the websites are spammy. Google has its own filtration process known as the sandbox where it decides if your website is legit and has potential growth.

Stick to a consistent publishing schedule. You don’t have to publish every day but make sure you follow a consistent routine when you will publish a post after ‘x’ number of days.

If you have a site on a domain that was registered last week, with 20 posts slapped onto it, all published on the same day chances are you will not get Adsense approval. Make sure to be consistent with your post and try not to rush. Focus more on developing good content.

6. Provide Backlinks To Other Sites

This is a common mistake most publishers make. They don’t link to useful websites and try to win over the internet. This is a very silly SEO mistake. Make sure to link out to high authority domains. This will provide a good impression for your website and Google will index your site faster.

Google value references when it comes to indexing. Not only it will help you with your SEO chances are you might even get a backlink from high authority websites. Google crawls high authority websites more often. So if you can get a backlink from high authority websites it will help Google to crawl your website as well.

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